Our design approach is to achieve enduring, honestly composed projects, which respond to the fundamental characteristics of their setting and meaningfully add to their wider environment for many generations.  We celebrate the innate qualities of materials and give great thought to the manner in which they are connected and finished. This approach results in meticulously detailed buildings which are robust, and which take on an attractive warmth, texture and character over time. Good, thoughtful design creates vibrant and vital places.

All of our projects share a holistic approach both to social and technical sustainability. We strive to design low energy systems and we take great care in the specification and sourcing of materials and component parts, seeking wherever possible to limit the embodied energy in a structure.

Effective teamwork is fundamental, and we endeavour to build strong relationships with both clients and other practitioners, recognising the valuable contribution they can make to process. Our comprehensive network of highly skilled consultants, academics, contractors and craftspeople allows us to assemble teams of genuine ‘strength in depth’ to achieve design solutions and workmanship of the highest quality.