Norfolk Village House

Replacement Dwelling, North Norfolk

The new house replaces an existing built in the 1950s with a design that had to follow the original for planning reasons.  The project splits the accommodation between the rebuilding of the original house containing the main living areas and a separate annexe providing a boat store, with an office and spare bedroom above for guests. The house uses traditional Norfolk materials in an innovative combination with lime render, structural glass, zinc cladding and high quality joinery. The annexe is contemporary in form with a curved ridge roof in zinc, and an open carport facing the road, supported on a cantilevered double leg in galvanised steel.


The contemporary interior of the house is finished to a high quality, with steel and glass detailing to the staircase and timber floors. There are glass balconies on the south elevation with elegant full height windows facing the sea. The interior directs natural light designed around the client’s furniture and paintings.